IanHolden.com Website Services

I run a small one man business based in the UK providing technical website services for small businesses and individuals.

e-shop designer

My e-shop designer services help users of the popular Ecwid by Lightspeed online store service easily re-style their stores and add tabs to their product descriptions.

Tabber App

With the Tabber App you can easily add tabs to your product descriptions. The tabs have many styling options to configure in the Ecwid Control Panel.


Other technical work

Note. due to other commitments, I can not take on much extra technical work right now.

I can help with most technical website work, from designing and building simple sites, to more complex projects.

I have a wide range of experience from over 30 years in the IT business, much of that with IBM. I have now retired from the corporate world and enjoy helping small businesses and individuals.

Contact me to discuss your project.

Some of the sites I've designed and built:

Some of the sites I have built for evoture. Visual design by enotions:

And a few remarks from happy clients

K.A. April 2017. USA, Sacred Star and Stone
If I could hug you I would!!!! Thank you. It's exactly right. You have been a life saver. Namaste.
S.S. April 2016. United Arab Emirates
Thanks again Ian. Appreciate the super service!
M.G. April 2016. S Africa, Rooibos Miracle
You are a honey and lifesaver as always. Thanks a mill.
M.M. March 2016. Denmark, Mary's Shop
Hello again Thanks for your help. Now it works perfectly. Very good evening and wish for a happy Easter to you and yours. Greetings from a happy Mary in Denmark.
G.S. March 2016. Philippenes, Georgina Sasha
Hey Ian, Do you know how awesome you are?! Thank you so much for your help and the smooth answers I always get from you. Some Ecwid people really couldn't explain to me well in one email what I need and it always ends up 3-5 emails before they get what I am talking about. Just thought you should know how awesome you are. Thank you again! I love how fast you work on things. Cheers!
M.F. January 2014. New Zealand, Body Cafe
Awesome! thanks for the great service Ian, very much appreciated :)
B.E. October 2013. USA, Beauty's Element
Thanks Ian, I appreciate your prompt reply. I love the e-shop designer service and recommend it to everyone I know that is utilizing Ecwid for their shopping cart service. Having awesome customer care on top of that really makes this a top notch service. Thanks Again!
TA Nov 2013 Australia
Beautiful. Client is happy with the changes. Much appreciate your support :)