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mathpublisher_icon2Put Maths on your Joomla Pages

MathPublisher plugin - Now working on Joomla 1.6 and with simpler configuration.

Writing maths (or math as they say in the US) formulae on a web page is not the kind of thing many people will be interested in, but occasionally it can be useful. The plugin works in articles, and optionally in JComments and Kunena forum entries.

I've used Christopher Smith's math2 plugin for DokuWiki before, and I liked it because it was simple, produced reasonably good looking results and I didn't need to learn about, or install LaTeX.

Like the "maths2" plugin for DokuWiki, MathPublisher uses phpMathPublisher by Pascal Brachet from where you can find help for the syntax, try it out and see some examples.

If you'd like to use this plugin, you can get it here.

And here is an example of the output:

 pi = sum{n=0}{+infty}{ { (n!)^2 2^{n+1} } / { (2n+1)! } }
{mathpublisher} pi = sum{n=0}{+infty}{ { (n!)^2 2^{n+1} } / { (2n+1)! } }{/mathpublisher}

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